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Latest Press: Featured on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies

The featured video, of a recent episode of Embarrassing Bodies, explains the innovative "Enhancer" in more details and shows first hand how it's fitted.

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Tackle Hair Loss for your Big Day

You may have thinning hair for a number of reasons such as stress, pregnancy, the chemicals you have previously used on your hair, or perhaps there are genetic reasons for…

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Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatments: What are Your Options?

Before heading off to book hair transplant surgery there are a number of alternative non-surgical treatments to be considered. A woman experiencing hair loss will usually be offered alternative options…

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The Anatomy of a Hair Follicle

The biology of a hair follicle is a complex thing. The hair on our bodies grows from hair follicles located in the dermis. A hair follicle is a stocking-like structure…

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Will Chemo Bring About Hair Loss?

Facing cancer is a frightening and confusing time. The news will bring a multitude of questions and worries and the patient will want answers to help with their emotions at…

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