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‘I am very happy with the system. It has changed my life.’
‘The service is great, the girls are all very nice and always polite and helpful.’
Lucy,Finchley (Hair Solved client since: 2011)
‘ I LOVE MY SYSTEM!!! Having my system has given me back my confidence and a new lease of live!’
‘I have had nothing but excellent service and advice from all members of the hair solved team. I’m always made to feel welcome and confident in the team.’
Chloe,Surrey (Hair Solved client since: December 2011)
‘The system has been fantastic in helping me deal with my trich problem, without it I dread to think what my hair would be like.’
‘I have always found the service to be brilliant. All the girls here are friendly and always offer great advice. The atmosphere is always relaxed as well.’
Sofia,Chester (Hair Solved client since: 2011)

‘A good solution to cover my hair loss. I would have found it very difficult to face the world without it.’
‘Brilliant, the staff are always very friendly and supportive.’
Pam,Herefordshire (Hair Solved client since: September 2012)
‘Since having the system my confidence has seen a massive improvement - improving home, and work life.’
‘The customer service I have received has always been five star.’
Hannah,Swindon (Hair Solved client since: July 2011)

Female Hair Loss – The Solution

Do you suffer from female hair loss? Does it make living your normal life difficult? Don’t worry, Hair Solved can help. We provide an innovative and non-surgical solution that can help with all levels of female hair loss, from thinning to complete hair loss

Hair Loss – We Cater For All Types

Our non-surgical hair integration system “Enhancer” can aid female hair loss sufferers due to reasons and conditions including Alopecia, genetic thinning, post pregnancy, trichotillomania and hair loss caused by chemotherapy, accidents and surgery.

Non Surgical Solutions

The Enhancer combines extensions and a scalp mesh to create natural looking hair. It works with any length of existing hair and is an innovative way to treat female hair loss.

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Featured on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies

Hair Solved's innovative solution to female hair loss "The Enhancer" is designed and fitted on this recent episode on Channel 4 hit series "Embarrassing Bodies"

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