Advice on Women’s Hair Loss

Hair Solved’s Enhancer system is an innovative treatment for Women’s hair loss. For those women who suffer from hair loss it can affect their daily lives as well as their psychological well-being. With our hair loss treatment, we can help put an end to the misery that comes with the loss of your hair.

The Enhancer is an innovative new women’s hair loss treatment which is non-surgical and poses no dangers. We use a combination of mesh on the scalp and hair extensions to create the look of natural hair. The mesh is fixed to your head via the existing hair, or if you have total hair loss then, it is fixed with specialist surgical tape. This provides a very natural look and is easier to cope with and more permanent than a wig.

Our women’s hair loss treatment is incredibly safe as it is non-invasive and non-surgical. We also don’t use any hot glue or wax to attach the hair to the head. Instead, we use a very flexible mesh that we attach to your head via the existing hair. We then attach the hair components to the mesh to mirror the natural fall of your hair.

This leaves you with a full head of hair, gives you your confidence back and is our answer to women’s hair loss.