Where can you find us?

Hair Solved tries to be accessible to everyone who suffer from hair loss, no matter where they live and what was the cause of their hair thinning issues. That is why our esteemed Enhancer solution was designed – to conform to all your needs without needless risk. That is also why we try our bestRead Full Story »

How to cope with hair loss?

Hair loss is a huge issue, especially for women. Any thinning problem can be a big blow to their self esteem. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to cope with this problem and, thanks to the Internet, nowadays hair thinning and hair loss support is better than ever. What are some of the best ways toRead Full Story »

Hair loss after cancer treatment

Many cancer patients and survivors suffer from hair thinning or even complete hair loss after chemotherapy treatment – it is a common knowledge. But is it possible to find a hair loss solution before the treatment starts to make sure you hair thinning issue won’t pose such a huge problem in the nearest future? ofRead Full Story »

Reducing damage to hair whilst straightening with heat…

Hair Solved recommend that heat protection should always be used when using any form of heat on your own hair, or hair extensions, be it from a hair dryer or styling tools. The following 3 step product guide can help to reduce hair breakage by up to 80%, as well as making the drying andRead Full Story »

Best hairstyles to add volume to thin hair

Although not directly a hair loss issue, people with thinner hair than average often struggle finding a style that suits them, without drawing attention to volume of the hair (or lack thereof). Todays short blog post is designed to share some of our favourite hair styles, which are suitable for everybody, regardless of wether orRead Full Story »

No one is immune to hair loss!

Stress, constantly changing living and weather conditions, non-stop hair style change, pregnancies or genetic disorders – these are just some of the factors that contribute to hair loss and we can all be affected by it. We often hear of high profile cases including celebrities who are sometimes even more exposed to all the initiatorsRead Full Story »

Does hair grow stronger and thicker after shaving?

Many people, especially those battling hair loss due to various diseases or genetic disorders, try numerous methods that may strengthen their hair and help them win the loosing fight. There are many myths regarding strengthening the hair and one of them, which prevailed through the ages and is still regarded as truth, is the rumourRead Full Story »

Is our Enhancer system Effective?

If you are a victim of hair loss,  you’re probably searching for a right treatment or a solution that will help you cover the thinning hair and cope with the loss. You’ve surely encountered countless different methods for fighting the effects of alopecia, genetic balding or hair thinning due to diseases or pregnancy and youRead Full Story »

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