Many cancer patients and survivors suffer from hair thinning or even complete hair loss after chemotherapy treatment – it is a common knowledge. But is it possible to find a hair loss solution before the treatment starts to make sure you hair thinning issue won’t pose such a huge problem in the nearest future? of course – all you need to do is a bit of research and preparation, to make sure your hair loss issues won’t be so severe – you have a serious illness, you don’t want to also suffer from a loss of self-esteem during the treatment.

First of all, planning is the key. Devise a strategy and stand by it when your hair start to fall off. Make proper arrangements with your hair dresser and the hair loss specialist. A skilled hair thinning expert can create a wig or devise a method (like the Enhancer) before your problem becomes easily noticeable – no one will be able to tell you are suffering from hair loss if you don’t show any signs of it. Thus, after speaking with your doctor about your treatment immediately contact hair loss experts who will know what to do – believe us, you’re not the only one who’s planning ahead in this case.

You can also ask your doctor about so-called “cold cap” – a special hat that will reduce blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles, which in turn means less chemo from the therapy will reach your hair and make them fall less. It cannot completely stop hair loss during the cancer therapy, but it is a start for some other, more sophisticated hair loss method.