Hair Extensions

It is often the case that a clients hair simply needs some added volume. Whilst the Enhancer can be designed to add volume, it can often be the case that hair extensions would be the ideal solution.

Hair Solved really bring hair extensions to a new level with our superior hair, high quality components, and secure, discreet fixing techniques. Our extensions last for over 3 months and with the proper maintenance can be reused again if you wish.

Unlike many other commercial hair extension solutions, we do not use any glues or other heat based attachment methods which can damage both the extensions and your own hair. Our discreet micro beading technique ensures that your extensions will be secure for months to come whilst your own hair is not under any unnecessary strain.

Our extensions use the same high quality hair and components as our Enhancer system, and achieve the same impressive results.

Please contact us for more information or to book a free, no-obligation consultation.