Alopecia Treatment

Here at Hair Solved our Enhancer system can be used as a form of Alopecia (Areata) treatment. It’s a unique system that helps create the look of natural hair where it has been lost from the disease. Alopecia is a disease that causes patches of hair to fall out. It often affects children and teenagers under 20 but can also affect older people and especially women. Sufferers can find solace in our Alopecia treatment for women as it recreates the look of natural hair.

Alopecia Areata usually occurs in small patches, but occasionally it can affect the whole scalp and cause total hair loss. We can treat either kind of hair loss. Our Enhancer system is non-surgical and gentle on any existing hair. We attach the hair via a scalp mesh to cover the bald patches and provide effective cover-up and treatment for alopecia.

We understand that a disease like alopecia Areata in which you lose your hair can affect not only your appearance but also your self-confidence and sense of well-being. With our natural looking hair loss treatment we aim to not only provide you with a full head of hair, but also a full sense of well-being again.